Appforma is a fully automated, self-service, one-stop shop, marketing platform for SMBs, serving thousands of businesses worldwide. Appforma acts as a virtual agency, offering agency quality marketing activities and content at an SMB price. Appforma is an award winning company, recognized at Facebook’s Preferred Marketing Developers Innovation Competition as “an outstanding marketing solution for small businesses”.

Our Solution:
Appforma is the first Do-It-For-You marketing platform that bridges the gap between the challenges of the SMB owner and the powerful marketing capabilities that today’s technology offers. Appforma automatically generates a 12-month marketing program with 50 ready to launch campaigns specifically designed for the business based on its vertical. Each campaign offers a unique and complete content and graphic design specifically designed for the vertical of the business. Campaigns are executed via email marketing, social posts, viral referral and automated advertising (optional) and all traffic is directed to an auto-generated landing page offering the end customer special deals, rewards or discounts.

Unique Differentiators:
• The only marketing platform that combines technology and content (100% Do-It-For-You model).
• All-in-one & 100% self-service platform for SMBs.
• Virtual agency, offering agency quality marketing at an SMB price.

Appforma will:
Create a 12 month program with 50 marketing activities
Run Facebook advertising
Post on Facebook and Twitter
Create and execute email marketing
Run social contests, promotions and polls
Manage and run loyalty program and retention activities
So you’re sure to get: relevant fans, new potential customers and much more sales

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