DesignOne Japan & Appforma Partner to Distribute Appforma’s Marketing Platform to Small and Local Businesses in Japan

On August 20th, 2015, DesignOne Japan Inc. (DOJ, CEO: Yasuo Takahata, and Appforma Ltd. (Appforma, CEO: Zvika Enav, announced their partnership to distribute Appforma’s Automated Marketing Platform to DesignOne Japan’s existing customer base, many of which are small and local businesses in Japan.



DOJ, established in 2005, will have exclusive rights to act as Appforma’s distribution channel in Japan. DOJ’s main grip on the SMB market in Japan is achieved through, a leading viral shop search portal owned and operated by DOJ. DOJ plans to utilize their accumulated knowledge in Web Marketing for SMBs to offer Appforma as an innovative Social Marketing tool to their SMB customers.

Appforma, established in 2011, is a fully automated, self-service, one-stop shop, marketing platform for SMBs, serving thousands of businesses worldwide. Appforma is an award winning company, recognized at Facebook’s Preferred Marketing Developers Innovation Competition as “an outstanding marketing solution for small businesses”.

Appforma’s solution automatically generates a 12-month marketing program with weekly ready to launch campaigns specifically designed for the business based on its vertical. The campaigns are executed via email marketing, social marketing, and automated advertising and include auto-generated landing pages and loyalty program activities.

DOJ is Appforma’s first distribution partner in a non-English speaking market. “Our strategy was originally focusing, and still is, on the US market” said Zvika Enav, Appforma CEO. “But as the company grows, one of its major goals became to expand globally through strategic partnerships. DesignOne Japan is the perfect partner for us to enter Japan, one of the most interesting and attractive markets in the world”.