Appforma eCommerce Promotions: Everything you need to successfully promote your business online

With the explosive, continuous growth of the online retail market, more and more retailers are taking their businesses online to keep up with the Joneses, stay current and even, stay afloat. As a result, online marketing has become a basic survival tool.

Online Marketing – The good, the bad and the seriously ugly

eCommerce promotions with AppformaMost online retailers today, both large and small, advertise their products on Google and send traffic directly to their product in their shopping cart. In general this is an O.K. idea, however, for small businesses, one major problem commonly crops its ugly head. That problem is Key Word Competition.

Increasingly, small businesses find themselves fighting a key-word war that they simply cannot win. This is mainly due to the fact that the industry giants (BestBuy, Amazon, BlueNile, etc.) simply have way more $$$ than they do. Of course, the only real winner of this war is Google. A great company we all agree, but clearly not always the best way to get positive ROI for small businesses online marketing efforts.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, the above situation also causes the contrasting issue of those very same small businesses needing to compete with the low prices of industry giants. Again, not an ideal situation.

So, what to do?

First, as a small business, you need to realize and repeat the following mantra to yourself:

“Low prices and high marketing budgets are not my forte.”

Let’s say that again shall we?

“Low prices and high marketing budgets are not my forte.”

Ok, so now that we’ve got that covered, let’s identify what is your forte: Personal service and locality. Yup, these two little gems are your secret weapon to retaining customers and gaining repeat orders at a level far higher than any giant corporation.

But what about new business, you ask?

Much like the old “HiLo” tactic of supermarkets before Walmart conquered the world with everyday-low-prices; you need to remember the following three magic words: “Promotions, promotions, promotions.”

That’s right. You simply give away or discount a product and by doing so, get many more people interested in buying that product.

For example:

Let’s say you own an online camera store. You do a Valentine’s Day sweepstake saying “Capture your love in HD”, and at the same time, give away a FREE quality camera.

Here, you are advertising the promotion, not the product: “Valentine’s Day Camera giveaway sweepstakes”.

Now, sit back and watch the magic happen. You’ll get:

  1. Higher Conversion Rates: Your ad conversion is higher because people like getting cameras for free much more than they like paying for them.
  2. Instant Free Leads: Let’s say 100 users joined your sweepstakes. One user got a free camera, but 100 potential shoppers gave you their personal contact (email, phone, location, gender).
  3. Access to New Business. Now, you can send an email (for free) with a small incentive that may convert those same potential buyers into real money-spending shoppers. (We’ll discuss customer conversion in further detail later in our “lead nurturing’ article).

That’s where Appforma comes in…

Appforma does it all for you!

That’s right. Everything we’ve just outlined above can be done for you in seconds by Appforma; the promotions, the ads, the emails, loyalty schemes, graphics, text, setup and execution. Everything!

Let Appforma take the headache out of Online Marketing for you, so that you can worry less about new business and focus more on your core expertise; customer retention for repeat orders.

Appforma – Always Marketing For You!