Holistic Marketing Automation: Every SMB Owner’s Dream

What would you say are the top three factors that most small business owners lack when it comes to their online marketing? Most people lack the time, sufficient funds, or the necessary knowledge and resources to effectively promote themselves in the digital world, or cannot afford hiring expert help.

Marketing automation presents a perfect solution for small businesses who are looking to make a breakthrough in the digital world. It offers a systematic and organized way of marketing, and provides a place that fully integrates all your marketing activities into one ready-to-launch campaign, without the need of human resources.

What you really need is a holistic marketing automation program that takes into consideration the most essential factors we touched upon above so you don’t miss out on a marketing opportunity. Sound almost too good to be true?

This is where Maverick comes in.

Maverick’s simple and easy-to-use automated marketing platform includes all the aspects and resources you need in order to effectively promote your business. It creates ready-to-launch campaigns that include Facebook advertising, social posting, email marketing, social contests, promotions and polls, a Loyalty Program and retention activities, and converts traffic into leads and sales, with just a click of a button and all at a reasonable price.
Even more than that, Maverick acts as your own personal copywriter, designer, and manager, by providing content for each campaign and being there throughout the whole marketing process in order for you to be able to focus on other aspects of your business.

Maverick breaks down the overwhelming process of marketing and works under the restraints of a small budget to help you expand your reach to new customers and achieve real results in a matter of minutes.

Its 12 month program with 50 marketing activities offers you a chance to track the success of your campaigns so you can duplicate the ones that were the most successful in the past. More importantly, it allows you to retrieve information about your users (such as their gender, email, birthday, etc) in order to send a unified message about various promotional offers, and establish long lasting relationships to ensure that you are getting your money’s worth.

For the less tech savvy small business owner, a new year means turning a new page when it comes to online marketing. Forget about doing it all yourself this year. Maverick’s platform offers a solution that was made for you to enjoy!

Its benefits include:

-> Ready-to-launch campaigns that make it easy to stay in touch with new and existing customers

-> A marketing program that’s simple and easy to use

-> Ability to generate leads and sales immediately

-> Ensures proper conversion of visitors into customers

-> An analytics feature that allows you to track your success (ROI)

-> A chance to duplicate campaigns that were successful in the past

Click here to start enjoying the benefits of Maverick’s platform, and make sure your 2014 marketing is done right!