Labor Day Means Bargains (VIDEO)

Labor Day Means Bargains
Labor Day, which falls each year on the first Monday of September, was originally designed as a national holiday to recognize the country’s workforce. Today, Labor Day is synonymous with end of season sales and special Labor Day promotions. In fact, market research shows that consumers put Labor Day sales in the same league as Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

Bottom line: your customers are expecting bargains on Labor Day. How can you, as a small business owner, take advantage of that?

Maverick Is Your Solution
What you need is an affordable online, Labor Day-themed marketing campaign. And Maverick, your virtual marketing agency, can produce it for you – simply, quickly and effectively. With Labor Day just around the corner, Maverick’s all-in-one, automated marketing platform can get your business ready to launch a complete campaign in no time. Maverick will handle your entire Labor Day campaign, doing all the hard work for you.

Maverick has entire Labor Day-themed campaigns, including all the necessary graphic design and text, ready to implement via Facebook ads, posts on Facebook and Twitter, targeted emails as well as customer loyalty programs. Everything is designed to translate online activity into real fans, customers and sales.

With the knowledge built into Maverick, you can launch an amazing Labor Day campaign in minutes, one that will attract new customers, engage your fans, generate more leads and produce additional in-store sales.

Maverick Makes it Easy for You
Maverick can turn you into a top marketer overnight. You’ll enjoy all the results of a professional online marketing campaign without investing a lot of time or money. Maverick will suggest a series of powerful marketing actions, designed for your business. You’re always in charge, retaining the ability to quickly approve, decline or customize each action.

Maverick lets you run a viral marketing campaign that will get you more fans, leads and sales without the expense of hiring an advertising agency or wasting time and money on cheap marketing gimmicks. And since Maverick will Automatically run a sophisticated online marketing campaign for you, you’re free to devote yourself to more important things, like running your business.

See how easy it can be for you to launch a campaign in time for Labor Day 2013.