Maverick by Appforma – announcing the release of the ultimate marketing solution for local business owners!

A Game-Changing Technology Solution for Marketing Local Businesses

Twenty-eight million local business owners in the US, each with a modest marketing budget, have been agonizing over a basic marketing dilemma for years: how can they compete in the digital marketing world effectively and affordably? Until today, there were two imperfect choices: do it yourself (Who has time for that?) or hire an agency (Who has money for that?).

No more! Say hello to Maverick by Appforma – a marketing  platform made for local  business owners

Maverick is expressly designed for local, independent retailers who lack significant marketing dollars, marketing expertise and/or the time to invest in marketing activities. Maverick creates and executes complete marketing campaigns for local businesses for a fraction of the cost of a professional marketing agency and with much better results.

Maverick is easy to use, streamlining the complexities of digital marketing into a series of straightforward “approve and launch” decisions.

Maverick’s integrated email, social media and advertising capabilities means that small business owners will see growth in their email list and fan base as well as in their bottom line.

Maverick specializes in helping businesses with little or no existing online presence grow a robust fan base that will continue to mature and deliver long term sales results.

From graphics to email to social media, Maverick’s holistic marketing solution does it all, freeing the small business owner from having to hire outside professionals. Additionally, the Maverick platform consistently integrates new marketing channels as they become available, so the small business owner’s marketing campaigns will always be up-to-date.

The Maverick platform delivers a dedicated 12-month marketing program with 50 marketing campaigns, including campaigns connected to important holidays and industry-specific events. Maverick employs powerful execution tools such as Facebook advertising, email marketing, social media postings, customer loyalty programs, contests, sweepstakes and polls – all designed to convert users to leads.

Maverick’s innovative, fully-automated marketing tool is a groundbreaking “done for you solution” that produces ROI far exceeding those of any DIY or marketing agency’s efforts. Maverick makes it possible for local businesses to stop fussing over a million small decisions and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from trusting that compelling digital marketing is being done for them.

You owe it to yourself! try Maverick now and see how your business grow