Take Your Chances with Sweepstakes on Wix!

Get in on the action with the Sweepstakes app now available in the Wix app market.

Given the immense popularity of Appforma’s Social Coupon app, Appforma and Wix have collaborated once again to make more cool marketing tools available to Wix users. The Sweepstakes app is a great compliment to the existing Social Coupon app on Wix.  The app lets you create a sweepstakes contest for a certain duration, where at the end one winner will be randomly selected. As with all Appforma tools, you will receive all relevant lead information from users who joined your contest. As with the Social Coupon app, you do not need to link your Facebook page to the app.

Also, once contests are finished, you can start new ones to help you attract more users.

Click here to see a live example.