Installing Appforma’s apps: A step-by-step guide

Do you feel like you can benefit from Appforma’s marketing apps but are not sure how to set it up? Here is a tutorial we created to get you running these apps in no time.

Installing the apps on Facebook

1. If you haven’t already created a Facebook page for your business, do so by clicking Create a Page in the bottom footer.

2. Go to  Click on Try it For Free for a free seven day trial, or go the Products section to install the app you want.

3. Click on Go to App to continue install Appforma Manager.

4. Click on Allow.

5. Choose the Facebook page where the apps will be installed. Note that all Appforma apps are free to use for pages with up to 100 fans.

7. Read and accept Appforma’s terms and conditions, and click Get Started.

8. Click Go to App to install the app(s).

9. Click Allow.

10. If you chose the free trial, you are now in the Appforma Manager page. By clicking on your page you can choose any app and start editing.

11. If you chose one specific app, you should now be in the editor of that app. Note: The remaining apps have already been set up on your account. To configure each one, go to My Account on the Appforma website and then select your page to install the apps.

Installing the apps on Wix

1. From the page editor, go to the App Market.

2. Select the Appforma  app.

3. Click on Add to Site. You are now ready to edit and publish. Note: You do not need to link your Facebook page to Wix.

Installing the apps from the Wibiya Toolbar

1. From the Wibiya Toolbar, find the Appforma Sweepstakes app.

2. Click on Add to Toolbar. Click Get Started.

3. Choose your Facebook Page.

4. Now you’re ready to edit and publish.