Why using social landing pages for real-world businesses means higher ROI

If, like 90% of all businesses, your business doesn’t sell products online, you ought to know that you can achieve higher ROI when sending traffic to socially-enabled landing pages (also known as a Social Marketing apps), especially on Facebook.

Using regular landing pages for conversion vs social marketing apps

So you want to market you real-world business (such as a restaurant or clothing store, maybe). Most likely you already do some kind of promotion from time to time, like a discount coupon or a holiday special offer.

Using a regular landing page

You send out some emails, use SEO and even buy some ads to drive traffic to your promotion, and you’re able to get 1,000 relevant users to the promotion (250 from your mailing list and the rest from SEO, ads, etc).

WHAT HAPPENS? Out of these 1,000 users , a small percentage (let’s say 20 users), will claim and redeem the offer at your business. 750 of those users (all the users who are not from your mailing list) vanish. You don’t know their emails or phone numbers; you have no way of reaching them – you just lost 750 relevant users, some of whom are potential customers.

Now try using a social marketing coupon app

We’ll take the same approach – you send 1,000 relevant users to your special offer coupon; 250 from your mailing list and the rest from ads, SEO, etc.
But this time you send them to one of our Facebook marketing apps: Appforma’s Coupons.


First off, any of the 1,000 users that wants to view the offer (mystery works very well with discount offers), must UNLOCK the coupon to view it (see screenshot below). By clicking UNLOCK, they put into action a special Facebook mechanism utilized by the app called OpenGraph, and because of it, their friends see they UNLOCKED your special offer on their news ticker.

This mean, that if, let’s say 200 users (20%) wanted to view the special offering, and UNLOCKED the coupon. On average, a Facebook user has 150 friends. Assuming only a third of their friends were notified, this means the 50 users TIMES 200 friends = 10,000 additional users that saw your offering. Out of those, about 2% will click the news feed notification, meaning additional 200 new, relevant users you get for free to visit your page, and using the same conversion you should get 4 more users to actually claim the coupon to redeem at your business.

That’s not all- the 240 users who UNLOCKED the coupons had to provide their contact information (by approving the Facebook app), providing you with 240 new contacts, including their email address, gender and age.

In Summary

  • Regular landing page/coupons – you get 20 users to redeem the coupon at your business.
  • Social Coupons app – You get 24 users to redeem the coupon at your business (20% more than with a regular landing page); 240 new contacts for mailing list (You get none  from the regular landing page, and it almost doubled the mailing list you start the campaign with!), and 10,000 users (friends of friends) who were exposed to your promotion (none on the regular landing page).

Conclusion – social marketing apps ROI as conversion unites for campaigns is far superior than regular landing pages with no social capabilities. Get started right now!